Dr. Kang


 Fred     Alex Fish
At the 2017 Davos WEF with Fred Rassam of Algo-LogicOn August 4, Prof. Alex Fish, Bar Ilan university, Israel visited Prof. Kang


     Before leaving for UCSC

* At "Symposium on Trends in Electronics", Montreux, Switzerlnd, Dec. 1-2, 2014.
With former Ph.D. students (Dr. Weish Sun of TSMC, Prof. & Mrs. Yusuf Leblibici of EPFL)
and a colleague, MIT EECS Dept. Head Prof. Anantha Chandrakasan.

On February 23, 2017 in Seoul, Korea with colleagues and friends before leaving for UCSC.



* With President Jimmy Carter (5/3/2010)

* With President Jimmy Carter (5/3/2010)



* 2nd Memristors & Memristive Systems Symposium (2/2/2010)

* With Prof. Steve Chung (2/8/2010)



* With First Lady and UC President Mark Yudof
at the commencement 2009

* Commencement 2009



* Welcome to UC Merced First Lady on May 16, 2009

* With First Lady at the commencement 2009



* With Governor Gray Davis at CITRIS nanofab opening at UC Berkeley on Feb. 27, 2009

* With Prof. Leon Chua and Dr. Brent Whitlock at the 2009 Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame Induction event



* Inauguration 2007

* Inauguration 2007



* UKC2007 Opening Ceremony

* Inauguration 2007



* Chancellor Kang with Mrs. Kang

* The friendly robot



* UC chancellors with California Governor in May 2007

* With the Barrera-Barrezza family



* at Occidental Oil Field, Bakersfield, CA Apr. 2007

* UC Merced campus



Task Force - Blue Ribbon Task Force Nanotechnology

Dean Kang at Baskin Engineering Graduation Ceremony 2004



With Prof. Ernest Kuh, Prof. T. Ohtsuki, and Prof. Hong at ISCAS2005 in Kobe,Japen.

UC Engineering Deans visit US Senate Committe of Armed Forces on Capitol Hill



Dean Kang at Baskin Engineering Graduation Ceremony 2001 (1)

Dean Kang at Baskin Engineering Graduation Ceremony 2001 (2)



Prof. Kang at ISCAS 2000

Prof. Kang at Intertional Conference on Circuits and Systems in Hongkong 1997



With Jack Kilby who received Nobel Prize
in Oct. 2000.

* With Jack Kilby



Dr. Kang at the iPOINT LAB

Computer Plot of BellMac-32A in AT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill Lobby