Sung-Mo "Steve" Kang

      SOE Distinguished Chair Professor
      Chancellor Emeritus, UC Merced
      President Emeritus, KAIST

      BE-239, Baskin School of Engineering
      University of California, Santa Cruz
      1156 High Street
      Santa Cruz, CA 95064

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  News and Events from NISL

[Nov. 11, 2020] The paper by D. Choi et al. “Memristive Artificial Neural Networks of Ionic Floating Gates for MNIST Digit Recognition” was submitted to International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) 2021.   


[Oct. 28, 2020] The paper by S. M. Kang et al. “The Memristive Integrate-and-Fire (MIF) Model for Spiking Neuronal Signal Generation” was submitted to Frontiers in Neuroscience.  


[Sep. 10, 2020] The paper by A. Ascoli et al. and S. M. Kang, “Image Processing by Cellular Memcomputing Structures” received the Best Paper Award in Electronics of the IEEE International Conf. on Modern Circuits and Systems Technology (MOCAST) 2020, Bremen, Germany 


[Sep. 20, 2020] The paper by X. Wang et al. and S. M. Kang, “High-Density Memristor-CMOS Ternary Logic Family” was accepted to IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems I.


Prof. Kang gave a Webinar on “CMOS-Memristor Nano Electronics for Neuromorphic Computing” to Indus University on Jul 17, 2020.


The paper by F. Koushan and S. M. Kang, “Resistance-Based Embedded Non-Volatile Memories as Synaptic Devices in Spiking Neural Networks” was accepted for presentation at IEEE Workshop on Memories and Electron Devices in Boise, ID on Apr 26, 2019.


The paper authored by J. K. Eshraghian, J. Lee, S. Baek, O. Kavehei, N. Ganganath, W. Lei, H. Iu, D.-S. Jeong, K.-R. Cho and S. M. Kang “CrossStack: a 2.5-D Reconfigurable ReRAM Crossbar Inference Engine”, accepted for Lecture presentation at 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Sapporo, Japan from May 26-29, 2019.


Paper ”Analog Weights in ReRAM DNN Accelerators”, co-authored by Jason Eshraghian, S. M. Kang, et al. received the  best paper award from the Artificial Intelligence Circuits and Systems (AICAS) 2019 conference in Taiwan on March 19, 2019.


Prof. Kang visited Technical University of Munich for July and August, 2018 under Alexander Von Humboldt Award for U.S. Senior Scientists program.


Ms. Peng Zhou joined NISL as an M.S. candidate to work on neuromorphic computing.


Mr. Dong-Uk Choi joined NISL as a Ph.D candidate to work on optofluidic sensor system jointly with Prof. Holger Schmidt's group.


Prof. Bae-Sun Kong of SungKyunKwan University (SKKU) in Seoul, Korea is visiting NISL from March 2018 to March 2019 to collaborate on neuromorphic computing.


"Formulation and Implementation of Nonlinear Integral Equations to Model Neural Dynamics Within the Vertebrate Retina," by  S. Baek, J.K. Eshraghian, N. Iannella,  K. Cho, Y.S. Goo, J.H. Kim, S.M. Kang, and K. Eshraghian, accepted for publication in International Journal of neural Systems.


[September 30, 2017] Professor Kang delivered a keynote talk "The fourth Industrial Revolution and Nanoscience and Engineering " at the University at Buffalo, SUNY, for its 50th anniversary of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering on September 30.


 [September 30, 2017] Professor Kang was awarded a Distinguished Alumni Award from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo on September 30, 2017.

Award at Buffalo


[June 20, 2017] Prof. Kang completed teaching EE222 High-Speed Low-Power Integrated Circuits and EE103 Signals and Systems for the Spring 2017 quarter.


[June 10-12] Prof. Kang visited King Abdullah International Medical Center and attended its Board of Executive Directors meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  


[June 8, 2017] Prof. Kang visited Adesto Technologies, Santa Clara for potential research collaboration.


[May 28-31, 2017] An NISL affiliate, Jason Eshraghian of Chungbuk National University, South Korea, presented a paper at the 2017 ISCAS in Balimore, MD, "Maximization of Crossbar Array Memory Using Fundamental Memristor Theory."


[May 9, 2017} Prof. Kang presented a seminar at the Oregon State University on "The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Future of Nanoelectronics."


[March 1, 2017] Foroozan Koushan, Ph.D. student, joined NISL.


[February 22, 2017] Prof. Kang completed his presidency at KAIST, 15th president (Feb. 23, 2013-Feb. 22, 2017)


  • [May 26, 2015] Prof. Kang awarded CASS John Choma Education Award , at the ISCAS-2015, Lisbon, Portugal.



  • [May 20, 2014] Prof. Kang awarded the Doctor of Science Honoris Causa by Fairleigh Dickinson University.